22 июля 2018 г.
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Electrical Appliances Association
Electrical Appliances Association

Zhongguancun Online Appliance Channel Original] in November 2001, after 15 years of arduous negotiations, China's smooth accession to th Red bottom shoes e World Trade Organization (WTO) this year just is the tenth year . Decades, China has well fulfilled the promise of accession to the WTO, China's economic strength jumped to second in the world, and become the world's largest exporter and second largest importer. Chinese home a Fake rolex watches ppliance industry but do not have withstood the test of accession to the WTO, more competition and cooperation with foreign capital has made considerable development.
Chinese home appliances market, strictly speaking, as early as before China's accession to the WTO has been fully liberalized. Gradually fulfilled, alon Evening dresses g with the commitment of China's accession to the WTO, the Chinese home appliance industry through large-scale transformation in the decade, the technological upgrading of products, as well as quickly understand the global consumer demand and depth control to achieve innovation f Replica rolex rom manufacturing to escalation, some combing and profiling is particularly meaningful in this accession to the WTO decade mark, the process of growth of the home appliance industry over the past decade.
★ Chinese home appliance's accession to th Replica christian louboutin e WTO ten years by two hundred billion to nearly one trillion
accession to the WTO China's commitment to the world. The beginning of the accession to the WTO, the Chinese appliance market scale of less than 200 billion yuan had led to the concerns of many experts and industry insiders, the relatively backward technology, too extensive management, marketing lags behind will make Chinese home appliance in Wedding dresses 2012 dustry in the open country was the huge impact of overseas famous enterprises? Such a problem that time became the focus of discussion in the industry.
However, ten years later, the worrying situation did not o Cheap wedding dresses ccur, the contrast of Chinese home appliance industry in support of a large number of outstanding enterprises and entrepreneurs, not only the scale of rapid growth, hold domestic market share, but also to successfully implement the
statistics show that China's household electrical Replica Christian Louboutin shoes  appliance industry output value reached 964.2 billion yuan in 2010, turned nearly Fan than a decade ago, the growth of Exports in 2001, the export value of China's home appliance industry is only a Red bottoms bout $ 7 billion in 2010, this data has climbed to $ 150 billion in just a decade, the growth of the export value of more than 20 times, can be described as achievement outstanding.
more valuable with the opportunity to enter the WTO, China's home appliance industry in the past decade not only in scale unprecedented expansion in th tea length wedding dresses e technological upgrading, branding, business management, marketing, and many other asp Prom Dresses 2012 ects of bear fruitful results, not only successfully create a world-renowned brand, but also cultivate a lot of entrepreneurs with international influence.
★ accession to the WTO ten years by the In this special background, WTO accession will undoubtedly become that affect China's economy a top priority. This means that China's reform and opening-up will enter a new stage, China's economic development will Fake rolex for sale  be more in-depth and global economic development standards, Chinese enterprises will also be more open environment to meet the world's top rivals.
a decade ago, China's household electrical appliance enterprises because of the accession to the WTO has received an unprecedented opportunity for de Rolex replica velopment, but have also had to face the market from the Face opportunities and challenges at the same time, how to choose the right growth strategy once plagued many Chinese household electrical appliance enterprises. However, relying on the full understanding of the Chinese market and i Wedding dress n-depth grasp of consumer demand in China, the industry leader in or out of a unique path of development with Chinese characteristics.
which the most notable, air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, represented by the white industry. Fang Hongbo, talking about the general manager of the Air Conditioning Division in the United States when he was 10 years ago when on th Replica watches e sales of two million, five years ago, Fang Hongbo, frequently promote Midea chairman Fang Hongbo, consider how to open up overseas markets to digest million units of production and sales of air conditioning in the United States; 10 years ago, 9 Yang Soymilk, the boss hood, microwave ov christian louboutin shoes for discount en Galanz more just a dream concept, but is now a well-depth family to become a market leader in kitchen appliances.
these brilliant achievements behind the white ent rolex replica watches for men erprises in technological innovation, product development, innovation adhere. Haier refrigerator, for example, has always insisted on its own brand innovation, and integration of global R & D reso Replica watches urces in a targeted manner to develop products for the overseas market characteristics, and continue to promote the deepening of the brand localization strategy, decades impressive: in the United States total sales volume of Haier products exceeded 40 million units, and successfull Rolex Replica y entered the Top 10 mainstream chain channels;, Haier brand awareness of 39.5% in Japan, called the home that can provide quality services to overseas brands.
through global R & D, manufacturing, marketing, Haier refrigerators summit white, to become the new world champion brand. Haier's biggest rival, the 2011 first quarter revenue more than 30 billion yuan, of which only air-conditioning business group income over 20 billion, which from one side to demonstrate China's household electrical appliance enterprises in the market of white solid strength. Xu Dongsheng,
China Household Electrical Appliances Association, Secretary-General recalled that, in China's imminent accession to the WTO, shrewd foreign  knockoff christian louboutin pumps brands have already pre-empted, Sony, Panasonic, Toshiba, Sharp, Hitachi, Sanyo, LG, and Samsung (microblogging) and Philips have set up production bases in China. Foreign brands tried to reduce the cost of the optimal combination of advanced technology and cheap labor, capital, and obtain the dual advantage of brand and price, in order to be able to compete with the rapidly developing Chinese household electrical appliance.